It Gets Better

The worldwide outreach for the It Gets Better Campaign, addressing the increase of gay teen suicides from bullying and torment, has been nothing short of miraculous. Celebrities, politicians, performing arts groups, service men and women and everyday folk who simply care and share their experience of how time has afforded them the chance to find healing and acceptance, has caused YouTube to post their biggest upload response to a single event in their history.

As painful as it was to read the story of Tyler Clementi, we look within and celebrate the contract this beautiful soul must have had to help bring more light into this world.A few of us at Spiritual Living Center Atlanta stayed after second service to offer our support through video.We share our heartfelt intention for a world that works for everyone.

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  • freya43v3r says:

    I'm so happy I stayed and help make this video with everyone. As small as my part was, it effected someone. I posted the video on my facebook and it comforted a client of mine whom I'm friends with on FB. I love the positive impact of this video and I hope it helps!

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