For A Moment

For a moment every eye sees a petal begin its journey from stem to ground. And in that thimble full of time where all worry becomes extinct—all futurizing over what might be or what could happen ceases, then the world, in relaxation, unites in the joy of the now. Yes, imagine for a moment there is no worry.

For a moment every inhale welcomes wellness and the world feels relief from the accompanying pains of disease. The air hums with the sighs of billions expressing their collective relief. Yes, imagine for a moment there is no pain.

For a moment everybody wins and the victory circle is electric with the hugs, handshakes, and prayerful bows of authentic acknowledgment. It is the delicious moment when every mind with every heart conceives the truth that there is more than enough for all. Yes, imagine for a moment that everybody wins.

For a moment all are able to forgive every thing and every one from every page of the past; every thought of separation, every grievance and grudge. Brother understands brother, sister their sister; child understands parent, and parent their child; and the world is awash with liberation. Yes, imagine for a moment that all forgive.

For a moment there is no hunger and the bellies of all children and adults are filled with the precise nourishment their body is craving. Food is equally portioned and equally shared and all races and religions discover that by sharing, one need never suffer from hunger again. Yes, imagine for a moment there is an end to hunger.

For a moment every person, everywhere is active in their passion—doing what they love. Self doubt has evaporated and each heart beats with the rhythm of confidence. Creativity is a sacred act for the soul without concern for recompense or approval. Time and deadline is replaced with being lost in the joy of doing what one loves. Yes, imagine for a moment that everyone is living their passion.

For a moment every conscious thought tilts towards reverent action for the earth. The planet is nurtured and treated with sacred intention. Every ounce of air and water is pure. Pollution is a distant memory and each inhabitant contributes to unprecedented ecological stability. Yes, imagine for a moment the earth is healed.

For a moment every heart has someone to love and someone who loves them back. For every soul there is a connection and for every connection there is an appreciative soul. Loyalty, devotion and respect are as natural and effortless to embody as breathing. Yes, imagine for a moment that true love exists for all.

And with each imagined moment linked to the other, we stretch those moments to an occasion, those occasions to hours, those hours into days. And in those collections of days where the imagination is free to think as big and as grand as it can, we begin to see and feel the shifts—our planet, our hearts, our passions, our lives—all expanding and guiding us into a new era of living.

©2007 David Ault

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