“I beg of you,” said the prisoner to the jailor. “Set me
free. Let me go.”
I awoke from this scene playing itself out in my dreams..
Dream interpretation suggests that every character within
the dream is an aspect of us.
Likewise, spiritual insight reveals that we, too, are
connected to everyone in this ‘awakened’ state we call our lives.
The purest of freedom comes when I liberate myself from
viewing anyone or anything as separate. 
When I am able to wrap my awareness around that simple, yet profound
idea, then I can begin to understand how I am both the jailed and the jailor.  I am the solution to my own freedom.
I am the homeless at the intersection and the one avoiding
eye contact in the lane of traffic.
I am the betrayed and the betrayer – the humiliated and the
one humiliating.  I am also the
liberated and the liberator – the lover and the beloved.
Perhaps no greater instruction has been offered than the
scripture found in the book of John that reads, “I and the Father are One.”
This example powerfully describes the word union.
(Latin – unos meaning one)
Father (Source) is Universal.   
All are equal. 
What we do to one, we do to ourselves.
That connection is inescapable.   
We are united to everyone.
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