I accept that I am loved, particularly when I approach my
beautiful and aging Golden Retriever, Scout.
As I come close to him, speak to him, sometimes simply look
his way, his tail begins to wag. 
His awareness of me aligns with my awareness of him and instinctively
his uncensored enthusiasm is channeled through that windshield-wiper motion of

I have longed stopped fighting the idea that this energy we
label as God, Divine Source, Infinite Intelligence, is a loving presence.  I have accepted that it can be nothing
other than absolute love otherwise the foundation of my entire belief system
and the one that I teach from would not make any sense.  Therefore I let go of the idea that
there is any condemning, authoritarian, dualistic judgment directed at me for
what I am or am not doing.

Regardless of my actions, Scout’s love is unfailing.  Regardless of my actions, the love of
the Divine is unwavering.

If that is your acceptance as well, then I invite you to consider
imagining that the Universe wags Its tail of championing affection in approval of who we
are all of the time.  It longs for us to choose the self-love path in order to partner with us in uncovering greater degrees of cosmic meet-and-greets with infinite opportunities. The more we do this, the more we can authentically affirm, “I live in a world that works.”
It is simply
untrue to call yourself unlovable.  
It is self-inflicted pain to make another responsible for whether or not
you feel appreciated.  As the poet
Rumi so beautifully reminded, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to
seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
The whole of the Universe has already embraced the whole of
us.  If we pay attention and are
willing to view this world beyond veils of human-made separation, we can begin to see
and feel the Divine wagging Its tail in enthusiastic response to our irreplaceable presence.

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