The famed artist Pablo Picasso once stated “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
When we stop and contemplate how everything is unified, we become aware of how everything new and unknown to us is coupled with the already-existing solution.  Think of it as an ever present instructional
manual.  Therefore, when we doubt
capabilities, it truly is “self” doubt – not Soul doubt.  
Our Soul has
by its very nature, the keys to an infinite kingdom of good and ever expanding experience.
It seems Picasso’s ‘doing’ was his own willingness and cooperation to partner with that inherent nature.  He was
willing to surpass his own labeling
and the labeling of others to see what else lies in the realm of his adventure of creativity.
areas of desire are you holding back from exploring?  Where in your
procrastinations have you talked yourself out of something simply by fearing that mysterious first
that ALL is unified, we eagerly accept how we are already partnered
with the constancy of solution.  We are already partnered with our own
desired manifestation.
What kind of partner are you?
a receptive one requires saying yes, showing up, paying attention,
being loving and honorable towards your own inner callings.  Understand that to
the degree you embrace your infinite nature is the degree in which your infinite nature will deliver.
Only One
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  • Laura Harvey says:

    Silly me. I had completely forgotten that the solution was "already-existing"! Thank you for shining a light on that truth, David. I needed to hear this today.

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