There is a sustaining energy that is the nucleus of all livingness –
it links everything and everyone.
It is infinite in nature – always has been, always will be.

This energy is personalized in your life by your willingness to recognize it.  To say that good does not exist for you is perhaps one of our greatest fallacies.  It is self-inflicted disconnection. (Think of yelling at the electrical cord pulled out of the socket for not giving you power.)

By gathering evidence of its absence or forming coalitions to debate its demise, only makes its apparent absence seem more real, for this nucleus of ever expanding Life  is applicable simply through Its recognition.  This is not something unusual for you, for even now the quality of your life is in direct proportion to what you relate to both mentally and physically.

Think of Divine Order as your see saw partner. It is there when you are down and there when you are up. These seeming up and down human experiences are natural rhythms free of good or bad labels and work for us when we know how to partner correctly. You have the ability to find ease and value in the seeming down time by being a good see saw partner. Willingly give a mental push up towards the energy of realizing that only love is real, only good prevails each time you feel down, and the energetic rhythm of that devoted cause (thought) will bring you a corresponding effect.

Divine Order is pertinent to you and your day-to-day existence based on your willingness to ‘play’ with it.

You may argue that other countries, other tribes of beings are helplessly subjected to a lack of life and from all accounts these conditions appear real but that will never mean that the originating nucleus of life does not exist there. Do you believe that Originating Intelligence is hindered by geography or dictatorial regimes?  Have you considered that when you are sickened or incensed by man’s inhumanity to man or moved to a place of irrepressible compassion for a situation, that it may be the pistons of your own life force guiding you to your next appropriate path of service?

Just as there is an intrinsic repair process in wound healing there is an intrinsic restorative process in healing the wounds of humanity.

Healing does not occur by continuing to pick at the wound.
Healing occurs by creating an environment for healing.

Because of your true, inherent nature, the days of your “not good enough” sideline posturing are numbered.  Just as the bird is born ‘knowing’ how to fly, you are born ‘knowing’ that you are capable  of infinite possibility.

That nucleus of connectivity is within all of us and, dare I say, will not be denied.

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