Spiritual teacher Neville Goddard wrote that creation is finished – its original is within us. Identically Ernest Holmes taught that we create nothing. Everything is already created. How then do you describe our part? Through desire, we select and initiate that which already exists. We bring infinite substance into individualized form. Through our imagination, we collaborate with our personal desire by developing an already-having-received attitude.
Sometimes the simplicity and power of this spiritual practice gets swept under a rug of forgetfulness and we fall back into the notion that we are bound by linear time and limited availability.You want that promotion?  Stop talking about the competition, downsizing and reasons why it’s not feasible and spend a spa moment in consciousness. Luxuriate in how it feels to be working in a creative environment that really gets you, loves you and honors you financially in unprecedented ways.  See in your mind’s eye your own beaming radiant face having creative fulfillment. This power to manifest is readily available to all at every moment.

We simply begin by developing an understanding of what it is we want, how it is we wish to feel and clarity around why it is meaningful to us.

Establishing clear intention is a collaborative agreement with the already existing desire. It’s as binding a contract as you’ll ever experience. It’s giving consent to manifestation without interference from doubt, fear, or unworthiness. We’re never too new or too advanced to consistently practice this powerful use of Mind.


AFFIRMATION: My solution already exists. My desire is already here.

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  • Erin Fight says:

    aaaaaaahhh!!! Thank you, David. Thank you. What a gift you are.

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