is the EXACT moment to go within and ask yourself what you truly

More times than not our physical description of justice does
not come from the votes of a mortal jury, however, justice/order is
always activated spiritually. 

It would be of tremendous value for all of
us to dedicate ourselves to understanding how the Universe is
inherently a just, loving all-encompassing energy of life.

So yes, be angry but be consciously angry. Take that energy and begin
using it to educate. 

Vow to heal racial barriers, particularly in your
own heart and start promoting inclusion rather than separatism. Let that
energy have its migration into productive social action rather than
stagnant sideline verbal vomiting. 

Dare to consider that love heals all
things. Love transmutes all things. Love embraces all things and thereby
transcends all things.

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  • Anonymous says:

    My question is…….Why would I become angry at ANY ONE of the possible verdicts or outcomes that may have been the result of this trial? Is any of them inherently preferable to another?

  • Zimmerman will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life, and just like Trayvon there are neighborhoods he is well advised to avoid. Everywhere he goes he wears a bullet proof vest, and he continues to hide his location. What a way to live. His karma will be his justice

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