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August Adventures – Day 1: Flying to Africa

My dad Pete, at 54 years of age, passed away in 1967 from a
then little known heart complication called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  

I was 7 and I vividly remember thinking
how old 54 sounded.  It seemed
ancient – Chinese abacus ancient – and, never having had grandparents on
either side, he seemed to be the oldest person I knew besides some of the
ladies at church who always hugged too hard.
And now here I am at 54, amused by the perception of what I
once thought ancient and also sharing the same genetic heart diagnosis.
His 54 was in the year 1967, mine 2013 and the landscape of
our lives seems as different as desert and ocean.
Other siblings have passed away from the varying
complications as well as a nephew recently and I sometimes wonder what previous generation
from my dad’s side of the family sparked the genesis of this challenge and
I came close to passing on myself in 2001 but my mental, spiritual, and physical development, along
with some stellar holistic doctors and practitioners guided me towards a detour
from simply accepting what I was told from my conventional upbringing.
I often view this metamorphosis as a mental divorce of sorts – a breaking of any agreement or soul contract that says I am bound to the same experience just because it is labeled genetic.
I honor the challenges and mourn the loss of family and yet at
the same time those losses are better respected by fueling a determination to not just role over and die but challenge any perceived circumstances regarding my own
quality of life by setting new standards for what can be done.
I’ve had two cardio conversions within the last year and after  three plus years of being in atrial fibrillation the second one “took” and I have stayed in regular rhythm now for close to eight months. 
In celebration of my own 54th,  I began training in prepartion for climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  This climb feels much more than just a
goal.  It’s a personal
intention of severing that heart contract and putting into practice the
principle that our lives become what we dwell upon.  
If that principle is true, then every moment of every day is
an opportunity to prove that we are capable of creating what we dwell upon.
  We are capable of the quality of life –
of the physical wholeness that we give voice to and that we see possible within us.  It’s about what we say yes to.
As I write, I sit on the darkened plane – my 4th
hour of flying for what will be about 20 hours total to
I am at a loss for words regarding how grateful I am for the
ability to take this adventure, for the heart repairing that has taken place
within me and for an understanding of the spiritual principles that have come
to be a part of my life’s calling.
Whether I am able to make it to the summit or not, I feel have
already won in so many ways just by being willing to show up.
So, follow along on this month long (August 2013) journey
and entertain the idea that when one of us in the human collective succeeds, we
all succeed.  When one proves the
principle that we are not bound by conditions that we are told we have but by
the conditions we accept, then everyone tastes a little bit more of the freedom permeating everything around us.
And everyone of us climbs a little higher up the mountain to
a grander quality of life.

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