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You Can’t Hurry The Harvest

Private victories precede public victories. You can’t invert that process any more than you can harvest a crop before you plant it. ~ Stephen Covey
I am reminded of the phrase, “You can’t hurry the harvest.”
In order to even have a harvest, one must plant the seed(s) to begin with. One must nurture, cultivate and tend to the care of the soil. The harvest comes in its right and proper time.
When we each advance to that place where we know beyond all doubt that our prayers are answered – that our good is there, then absolutely nothing interferes with the harvest. The already-having- received consciousness delivers every time. That developed internal knowing is the private victory Covey speaks of.  Countless people have inspired
ideas but do we all possess the devotion to nurture that idea wholeheartedly, surpassing all doubt and seeming negative setback?
In today’s lightning fast, instantaneous society, we tend to forget about the beauty that is happening in the gestation period, the miraculous in-the-meantime where the desires we plant in mind are formulating, then arriving exactly when their suppose to. We become impatient, blaming, fearful, comparative and in so doing, pour kerosene on our soil and toss in a lighted match.
We destroy the very thing we say we wanted.
Let us go back to basics. Plant your seed. Honor its process. Act sane. Be kind to yourself and others. Be a dutiful and gracious mental farmer. Your harvest will come.