Breathe in the particles of power that swarm and move in and around you.
Everything your heart desires can be breathed in through an acceptance of one who has no problem receiving.
What you crave is as readily available as air. Would you deny air?
Why, then, deny the treasures that already have your name chiseled upon them?
Breath in the relief that comes through revisiting the porch of plenty.
Breath in your wholeness – the complete synchronicity that links one internal system to another.
Breathe in your yearning’s long awaited relief, your creativity’s acceptance and honoring.
Breathe in your eternal freedom that handholds you to an infallible awareness of worth.
Breathe in intimacy that beats equally in the heart of another and fulfills the connection that all deserve.
Breathe in aliveness – the thrill of an ever expanding arena of adventure and  growth that greets you at every willing step and every playful consent.
Breathe in your power – the power that swells in your veins and launches from your conscious mind the command for good towards an attentive army of willing soldiers of manifestation.
All this is possible right now in the next breath.
Breathe and be breathed  – in God, as God, through God.

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  • Jules says:

    I love this post. I had "breathe" tattoo'd on my wrist this year as a reminder. With my Mother slowly dying of lung cancer, I find it more important to remember to breathe in than ever.

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