You run
and in your running you feel a temporary assurance that all this fear
will stay locked in some distant room whose door you never have to open.

You fight
and in your fighting you feel that if you can just be louder, stronger, more long-standing in your aggression that the possibility of something or someone defeating you can be delayed.

You stay
and in your staying you uncover an internal creative power that has waited in anticipation for your recognition.

You are reminded that fear will travel with you regardless how far you run.
You are reminded that in your resistance and fighting, you only enlarge the force you choose to battle.
In your staying you bravely let go the crippling pattern of fearful avoidance and blaming others.
You dissolve the belief that anything outside may harm or diminish you.

And now you are clear;
Fear is a choice.
There is no us and them.
There is no problem. There is only our perception of the world waiting to be changed.

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