The inhabitants of Troy tyrannized the ancient Greeks for many years.
Fueled by an undeniable demand for independence,  the Greeks staged an elaborate plan to win back their  freedom.
They began by staging a mass exit where many appeared to flee by sea. In this apparent running away, they left behind a monument – a wooden horse of enormous proportion.
Amused by the Greeks decision to run away, the soldiers of Troy boastfully claimed the horse as a victory trophy and, by trolley and rope, wheeled it into their cities heavily guarded compound.  During the night, those who had appeared to  leave by sea returned to a strategic spot near the gates of  Troy.  The interior within the horse had been hollowed out and filled with the Greeks finest soldiers.

These hidden soldiers exited out of the horse, opened the gates for their waiting comrades and defeated the surprised sleeping citizens of Troy thus ending their long era of oppression.

We all have had our share of oppression. The quality of our lives has been marginalized by giving our power and authority away to people and circumstances for no other reason than the fact we forgot who we were.
Reawakening to our true God-like nature leads us to address this
oppression consciously and to take back our power.
We all have a Trojan Horse within our mind that is filled with the highest and best qualities of our being.  It already sits among all our forgetfulness. All we have to do is open it, letting all the ‘soldiers of our authentic truth’ out in order to reclaim ourselves and live in freedom.
We can be dominated by our stories of less than and the world’s seeming injustice, or we can unleash the truths that lie in wait within us.
Recognize that within you there is a pure, powerful and unviolated being that only needs your cooperation to breathe again.
Open up your mental Trojan Horse and reclaim what is yours.

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