People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our relationship with our world is the overriding template for our relationship with everything.

A bold statement, yes, but when you earnestly combine the infallible workings of spiritual law to the way each of us operates in life, then you can see the truth in Emerson’s words.

The most powerful thing any of us can ever remember and then apply is the fact that it is never about anything or anyone ‘out there.’

Our experience, attitude and circumstance is not created from what anyone did or did not do. The mental and physical framework of our being is solely constructed from our thoughts about all of that. If you only grasp one thing in this lifetime let it be that.

It may appear maddening at times to own such responsibility for the quality of your life experience, particularly when our cultural landscape makes it so easy to be divisive, accusatory and blame oriented but that kind of mass conscious thinking will only breed more animosity  and pain.

If freedom and joy are the attributes you crave, then always remember that life becomes how you see it.

Life is always fair. It delivers to me everything that is in harmony with my thoughts.

Affirm the following;  Today I choose to see how my life offers me one beautiful opportunity after another. Everywhere I turn someone is eager to help me along my path. I, likewise, reach out and help others. This world is my loving family and I allow myself to receive that love. And so it is.

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