Today, I know that everything that has transpired in my life has brought me to this moment of awareness.

As I become aware of the now – the fact that I am breathing, that there is food in my belly, a roof over my head and clothes on my back, I can see that I have more in my life than a great deal of our world’s population.

I am aware that I am free to think, act and choose regarding my education, my political and sociological beliefs, to worship in what ever way speaks to my brand of spirituality. And more and more I am aware of the freedom to love whom I love without degradation or shame.

I have indoor plumbing, a hot shower, a computer to communicate and people that I can talk with openly and freely about my feelings without being jailed for oppositional opinions.

I am blessed in so many regards.

And everything in my life, what I label as pain and loss or joy and winning, has carried me here on the wings of life’s experience.

It is of no benefit to look back and mourn over what didn’t happen. We simply give thanks for the now.

As we raise our hands and hearts to the sky, we shout, “thank you life, thank you life, thank you life – for everything!”

In the energy of acknowledgement and receptivity, the Universe boomerangs back more of the high quality gifts that are already around us.

Will you shout out your gratitude today?