There is a cardinal that often visits our backyard.

These visits are nothing
out of the ordinary. Plenty of birds visit the dense tree population of
our neighborhood. Yet, the male cardinal, with its striking red
coloring stands out in the summer landscape of deep greens and browns and the stark winter pallet of gray.

Of all there is to see, my eye is immediately directed to him wherever he is perched. There is no denying his presence.
I continue to affirm that my inner vision sees spiritual truth in the
same way. This truth teaches and reminds us that all is well, all the time. Regardless of the conditions around me, I long to develop the
immediacy of seeing this in whatever landscape of earthly
circumstance I view.
Imagine such a developed sense of consciousness!
Imagine having a filter within our mind that lasers past the illusion and sees only wholeness.
No matter what the outer picture of the world may appear to be, we immediately see solution.
No matter what the information broadcasted, we see the undeniable presence of the Divine.
No matter what level of darkness befalls us, we see the undeniable flicker of light.

Divine order – the ever constant energy of love is always right in the midst of it
all.  Truth is noble and vibrant in its energy  like the coloring and disposition of the cardinal.

It becomes our spiritual practice to ‘see’ it always in all ways.

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