Clarity is a spectacular
gift that awaits our acceptance. It is much like that needed gasp of air that
rushes to the lungs after being weighed down in the waters of dense confusion.
Clarity restores us to our true nature. It aims its spotlight on our darkened

Becoming clear is exactly that, it is becoming
that clarity is your natural state.  It is within you now.
How may intrinsic acts of
becoming clear benefit you in these situations?
Co-dependence – Clarity births increasing awareness to anyone on a conscious
path that you cannot do anyone else’s growth for them.  Getting clear on this forces all of us to
turn that misdirected energy back to getting our own house in order rather than
acting as the maid for someone else’s messes. Author Cameron C. Taylor
you take away a person’s struggle, you take away their victory. It’s like
pulling a caterpillar out of it’s cocoon before it’s time. It will never
develop into a butterfly.”
Resilience – Clarity shines light on solution.  It reminds (re-minds) us that there is no
situation that exists separate from divine order.  Resilience and rebirth will not be a part of
our human experience if we resist or refuse to hug solution rather than hug our
troubles.  Motivational writer Marie Forleo
succinctly encouraged,
is figureoutable.”
The weather will change – Clarity reminds us that change is constant and that we will
always be connected to Intelligence. All aspects of worldly form will morph,
bend, recede and expand like the weather.
If our consciousness-our worth, is predicated on sunny skies alone, then
we will spend great amounts of energy trying to outrun and predict the storms.
19th Century novelist Louise May Alcott shared, “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

Affirm – In this moment, I allow the clarity of
Infinite Mind to lead me to right action. I let the fog of confusion disperse. I
know what to do, how to be and where to go.
My path is clear and I have already succeeded. And so it is.