And still, at times, we forget.

In that forgetfulness, we engage absentmindedly in life by
attempting to force the outcome. We are attached to the when, what, where and
how – unknowingly fearful that something we long for may not happen. Without
realizing what we are doing, we reunite our minds to stale themes of  “life as unfair or portion controlled” with
regards to opportunity or success.

And still, at times, we remember.

In that remembrance, we begin in Mind and see the mental
picture of the desire as an already accomplished fact. We design its perfect
mental prototype and set about offering the law of creation our desire and
relax in the unwavering confidence that life gives me what I dwell upon.

How might we engage in remembering more than forgetting?

Master metaphysician Joel Goldsmith wrote, “You may as well begin right here and now by
realizing that the secret to having anything is first attaining the
consciousness of it. Why is that? Because consciousness is God, and the moment
you have the consciousness of a thing, consciousness creates it, whatever the
“it” may be – home, companionship, supply, employment, health, eternality. Your
consciousness builds it. “With all they getting get understanding.” With all
they getting, get a consciousness of good, and then the good will follow.”

The infinite bounty of Spirit is the birthright of every human.  How does one remember to claim a
birthright?  How does one claim a privilege owed them just by being born? We remember who we are, what we are and where we are – a creative being designed to create in a receptive atmosphere of creativity.

In this now moment return to Mind. In this now moment claim a consciousness that knows nothing of unworthiness, limitation, competition or dis-ease. Spend the rest of this day practicing your loyalty to your worth and
appreciative of the overflow of good. As Goldsmith reminded we will eventually learn this anyway. Why wait?  Commit now to a life of remembering.

Remember in mind then see it in kind.

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