The military drill, ‘drop and give me twenty’, can be used as transformative spiritual tool.

Everyone of us yearns for a higher quality of life.  With each consciously lived day, we become aware that this higher quality is not only possible but certain given our conscious cooperation with the fundamentals of Spiritual Law.

When writing my book, The Grass Is Greener Right Here, I recalled a Sunday service long ago where a minister took a potato and tossed it, surprisingly, into the crowd. He shouted, “Pretend it’s hot!” The crowd began earnestly
passing it through the auditorium with minimal contact.
“That,” he said,  “is the way you should treat your negative thinking. You wouldn’t hold onto a hot potato. Why hold on to a diminishing thought?”
That memory inspired my Drop and Give Me Twenty exercise. Whenever you become aware of a negative thought, drop it, just like you would a hot potato and in that moment replace that thought with twenty (count ‘em) twenty positive ones that cause your mind to switch gears from destructive to constructive thinking.
Dropping the negatives leaves our hands open for the positives. This one simple exercise immerses you into choosing and acting consciously. By reciting twenty positive things about yourself every time you catch yourself thinking
negatively, your entire mental atmosphere starts to wondrously change.
For example;
  • I am a wonderful listener and people feel seen and heard in my presence.
  • I have a sharp mind that loves to problem solve.
  • I am loving to my pets.
  • I am a responsible driver.
  • I am willing to learn new things and embrace change.
In my book I offer this, Spiritual mastery just takes repetitive training-immersion into a new state of awareness by course correcting our habitual negatives into habitual positives.
Everyone of us is equipped to be successful at this.  It just takes immersion – a lifestyle choice to restore ourselves to our true essential nature.
If you are willing to try it, the Universe is primed and readied to respond.
Drop and Give Me Twenty!

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