No one is betraying you. Each person you encounter is honoring your practiced vibrational

Before anything surfaces in our experience, the theme of that experience first appeared within our thoughts. And, it wasn’t just a one time mental drive by.  The corresponding thought was something that drove round and round in our mind and eventually parked in the lot of our belief system.

We champion this idea when we hear how Olympic athletes habitually thought of a winning performance so loyally that when the winning moment arrived they remarked it was like any other day. They had been succeeding at their desired goal within their mind for so long that it was accepted as inevitable.

We cringe at this idea when we are asked to consider that we are the creators of the quality of life we are experiencing. In all likelihood, we’d rather argue and say, “I would never choose this upset, this illness, this betrayal. Yet, we’ve been driving around through life with thematic thoughts of ‘the world is unfair’, ‘not good enough’ or ‘nothing ever works out for me’ so many times around our mental track that it has become, as the opening sentence indicates, our vibrational atmosphere.

Ernest Holmes motto was undeniably clear, “Change your thinking, change your life.” If you are open to the possibility that your world of effect is nothing more than a reflection of your interior thought atmosphere, you take the reins of your own empowerment back.  You already have the ability to change a thought and you have the freedom to practice that new thought till it holds residency inside you. As a truth seeker, you sincerely keep asking yourself, “Why would I choose to continue misusing a law that is designed to bring me ultimate freedom?

We are designed for victory, not victimhood. Making ever expanding freedom and fulfillment your mental mainstay, everything indicative of this freedom inevitably arrives.

AFFIRMATION: The world is designed to love me. Everywhere I go I find nurturing support.