transcendence photoOften our spiritual journey starts as an act of prevention. We are in pain and we seek a solution to alleviate our turmoil, to transport ourselves to an improved lifestyle.  This is understandable. It is the reason most of us became avid journeymen on a spiritual path.

Yet, as we grow in our awareness of spiritual principles, we will begin to understand that staying in the energy of prevention only perpetuates an experience where prevention is necessary. With too much focus on prevention as our cause, its need becomes our inevitable effect. Perhaps you’ve heard it this way, “Saving for a rainy day produces rainy days.” By all means cultivate and enjoy the process of saving but do so from a place of joy towards funding fabulous goals not in case your world collapses.


The question to ask is what are we trying to prevent? What are we continuing to fear? Are these fears in alignment with spiritual truth?

Already knowing the fundamental answer to this, perhaps these two steps will help move you from simply existing in prevention to thriving in transcension.


1) Persistently deny the reality of a faltering future.  Everything has its origin in mind. As long as you are conscious you can choose to be continuously supported. You cannot be separated from the outpouring of divine right action anymore than you can be separated from the laws of gravity. It is the reality of life that all is love for all is God. Do what you must to return to this truth every day. 2) Persistently let in all things relatable to good. Do not shun it by flirting with troubles. Do not pinch it off by entertaining ideas of unworthiness or shame. Do not go unconsciousness of its presence by blanketing its light with your unwillingness to claim your deserved joy.

You are modeled after ultimate Intelligence. Every system within you is designed and encoded with universal harmony. You are designed to transcend all limitation.

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