The phrase living out loud often describes a person who lives their code of conduct in a transparent manner. Writer Clarence Budington Kelland penned, “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.” Spiritually speaking, living out loud suggests using everyday life as a platform to prove the principle of spiritual law – to take a perceived limitation and transform it into a new standard of accomplishment – to take a desire and go after it with intention and purpose regardless of any ‘mess among the mystery’ that may be unearthed in the process.

It describes a person vulnerable and daring enough to try something new, knowing that outside eyes will scrutinize and broadcast every perceived flaw.

Living out loud is honest and exhilarating, yet unnerving for those who find themselves heavily tempted to retreat and surrender to the conforming voice inside them.
To return back to this bold state of being requires…
letting go of perfection – in human form we all make less than optimal choices. Mistakes are like cosmic emory boards filing away the jagged edges for
our evolution. Without the trying and failing, the ebbs and the flows, we would never understand and appreciate the nature of growth and its endless gifts. We can learn to laugh at our foibles and see them as stepping stones to our expanding wisdom.
letting go of the need to please – when we burden ourselves with people pleasing, we begin to lose our self identity and begin creating fragmented personas with hopes of securing our position in friendships and work environments. Because we don’t dare expose our perceived failures for fear of being judged, those very fears overtake and freeze us into a fraudulent existence. We aren’t living a life, we are managing our multiple personas. Honoring who you are and what intuitively feels right resuscitates your purpose and worth, bringing you back in alignment with others who revere the authentic you.
letting in the idea that the Universe is on your side – all things are working together for our good but most of the time we don’t trust that – at all. In fact, many times, we feel that nothing is working and it is our job to get in there and control the outcome with effort and worry. Trust is key. Living out loud is cultivating that trust day after day and bringing our tendencies of sabotage to the light – to expose and release them in order to feel, see and know the care of Source.

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