Your Creativity Matters

When describing the Universe, Intelligence, God or even ourselves from a spiritual viewpoint, we use the word creative.
We are the self contemplation of a creative Intelligence therefore we are by our very nature creative beings.
What does that mean?
Our entire spiritual and physical coding is an energy system of creative ideas longing to be explored and expressed. And, since energy is never stagnant, we are never void of an infinite pool of ideas longing for an outlet. Quite simply, you and I are here to create.  We are walking, breathing vessels of talent. Everyone is talented. Whether telling jokes around the office or playing violin at La Scala, we all are exhibiting that creativity in an infinite array.
But the inherent energy of creativity isn’t contained merely in our talents. It is fueled by passion.
When you combine passion with talent then the unique creativity that is you catches fire.
Physical fire is ignited from friction. Creative fire has its share of friction as well. It is nearly always birthed from ambiguity and anxiety. We question our talents, our worth, even our existence but if passion is there, it endures the anxiousness and ultimately embraces it.
The Latin phrase “Anxietate tua temper prudenter  utere means “Always use your anxiety creatively.”
Your creativity matters and the passion that might be suffocating within you longs to breathe.
Do not become stalled by your anxiousness, rather use it creatively to listen deeper, practice longer and allow yourself to be happier as the result.

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