The great metaphysical writer and teacher Neville Goddard shared, “Determined imagination, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all miracles.”
‘Thinking from the end’  is spending voluminous time in the mental contemplation of demonstration. It is the practice of repetitively invoking the feeling nature of what it would be like to have a particular desire already in form.
We do this everyday.  Often our repetitive mental imagery is on the undesirable. When this occurs, we are operating as a product of race thought accompanied by mass, unconscious habits.
Determined imagination, as described by Neville, is the conscious use of our mind.  It is choosing to rise above the mental worst case scenarios and steady streams of personal doubt to a different steady stream of imagined solution, peace and joyful outcome.
We can become masterful at this if we want to.
Let’s practice.
*Take a circumstance where you feel restriction, doubt or fear.
*Through the use of your imagination see this circumstance as completely and peacefully resolved. It is a non-issue. Every single element of it has been handled and all is exceedingly well.  You might add to this imagery that everyone involved feels a win-win. All parties gain expansion and are now experiencing a higher quality of life. See a smile on your face. Feel the lightness within your heart.
*Feel the waves of relief that float throughout your body.
*Sit with this feeling of resolve and allow yourself to feel the serenity that comes with this imagined outcome. Practice prolonging this feeling.
*Revisit this mental imagery repeatedly throughout your day.
*Allow yourself to embellish the feeling of wellness and become more sensory specific with regards to the sensations, sights and smells associated with this.
*Revisit again and again and again.
*Make it a regular ritual.
 This simple recipe of changing our mental focus is the one and only template necessary for changing the quality of our life.