With monumental events happening in our world every day, I cannot help but reflect on our forebears who carried the same desire and intent within their hearts that we carry.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is nothing new, but a longing as ancient as consciousness.
And many, named and unnamed have walked the trails, tilled the soil, and excavated the physical and metaphorical rubble away from our landscape in order that those things might find breath.
There is a profound Zen proverb that says the seed never sees the flower.  
Far too many times we see how those from our ancestry have planted seed after seed after seed yet never fully reaped the benefit of the blossoming that you and I do.  And the same can be said that we, also, plant seeds that perhaps will wane in their blossoming long after we have made our exit from this earth.
Our job is to keep planting seeds.
Regardless of how far along the harvest may seem, we are never to cease using our vision, our imagination and our action to further the cause of that life and that liberty and that bounty of happiness that belongs to each generation that surpasses us.
The Native Americans practiced what was known as the 7th Generation Principle.  What will be the repercussions of our collective decisions seven generations from now? How will my choices affect the planet and its people?
It’s a beautiful and selfless aspiration.
In wake of Charleston, the Supreme Court rulings, our countries impending birthday, and the thousands of other events and situations that rise up across our nation and our world, what seeds of life, liberty and happiness can you plant so that even one generation from now, our deliberate choosing will be a blessing to this world?