And to you my beloved friends –
Yes, each of you are beloved and each of you exist as a singular link in what is a unified collective chain of immeasurable oneness.
Perhaps you may take exception to the word beloved, perhaps even the word friend depending on our earthly relationship, but from where I now see with the eyes of the cosmos, feel with the heart of the Universe and comprehend with the Intelligence of all that is Creation – the genuine earnestness within my welcoming is filled with pure intent. For we all are beloved friends whether we are conscious of this or not, cycling into each other’s existence to assist in eliminating self-inflicted smallness and elevate our boundless inner nature that yearns to lead and guide us to a life fulfilled.
Let this reflection of me be also a reflection on you. 
In this brief moment, may you pause and ask “What am I doing and why am I doing it?” May you continue to ask this of yourself throughout all days, aiming for that time when the hovering mists of your concealed self doubt and the storm of your perpetual self loathing evaporate by the heat of your reclaiming passion for your heralded and needed gifts. 
Forget the value systems comprised by man and begin to cultivate your own – feel the explosion of freedom within every follicle and fiber within you – the bursting open – the rhapsodic joy when finally experiencing a decisive honoring of the higher you. 
Remember our forebears and their useful instruction; Imitation is suicide. Walk confidently along the pathway lined with those who hurl stones at your daring. Catch them. Drop them into the river of transformation and forgiveness that dissolves their coarse exterior and restores them to shimmering gems. 
You are alive but I ask you, are you living?  Are you living as your soul was intended to live? A free and daring agent of conscious co-creation, reviving the pulse of love into the loveless, power into the powerless, more satiation into the bellies of the hungry masses. 
An ancient mystic once penned
Man should not stay a man
His aim should higher be
For God will only gods
Accept as company
Accept that everything that you are matters as much as the sun matters to all of earthly nature. 
Accept your goodness, Accept your Godness. 
Accept that all you meet are your beloved – that all you meet are your friend.  
If you cannot understand this ideal, don’t worry, for someday soon you’ll be able to see it all as I do.
And as I began;
To you my beloved friends.


Thank you for everything. I love you now and always.