What Will Make You Happy?

Feels like such a loaded question at times. We often feel the need to interpret it literally and respond with a list of things that need altering in our lives in order for happiness to be experienced. I’ll be happy when I’m out of debt, when my last child is out of the house and I can return to a career, when I make tenure, when I get a new car, when this cancer is gone…..

Even though these aspirations may make us feel assuredly better, we eventually realize that things aren’t enough to keep happiness as a mainstay.

And is that even possible?

The euphoria that rushes through us when experiencing a blissful, contented moment is a moment where all resistance to happiness has been eliminated and we are left with pure access, like tuning through radio static till you finally reach a crystal connection.

The genesis of happiness (and our personal definition of that) is already within us just as the connection already exists within the radio airwaves. We can then, as the poet Rumi encouraged, begin to remove the barriers within us, in order for greater degrees of happiness to breathe.

Replace your worry with an acceptance that divine order must rule all things and focus on the feeling of that order in place. Replace your jealousy with the consideration that one person’s achievements do not rob you of your chance of achievement. Replace your unforgiveness with understanding that if you ‘spot it,you got it.’ We all have unlimited opportunities to improve.

Happiness, like love and peace and other high conscious vibrations of energy, simply is. We each have the ability to choose it even in its apparent absence. This may feel ridiculous to choose happiness in the midst of personal chaos but it is possible. Even considering that possibility is a step in the right direction. With each consideration, exploration, experimentation and application we get better at prolonging its presence and benefitting from its healing state.



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