If You’ve Never Failed You’ve Never Tried Anything New

This was the title of a slideshow featuring dozens of famous people, living and deceased, who moved beyond their seeming insurmountable mishaps and setbacks towards the achievement of odds-defying accomplishments and groundbreaking achievements.

Albert Einstein said it this way, “Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.”

We are not born with a tentative stride. In our infancy, we were fearless as we ceaselessly pulled ourselves to stand. We scrambled across the floor with innate curiosity and began running with reckless abandon. Acquired wisdom taught us to pay heed to the reckless part but it did not teach us to stop running or risking, cease exploring, or to end our curiosity all together. Fear did that. And it is fear that keeps us tentative in an arena of boundless exploration.

Fear chips and carves away our trust. And left uninterrupted, we have no faith in others or in ourselves. We then become lowly survivors in a land of plenty.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote is like a laser beam for me and why I repeat and apply it often, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” If for no other reason than to prove how gloriously mistaken you are.

If we are not behaving boldly, with curiosity and eagerness, we are, in my opinion, out of integrity with our soul. To realign ourselves requires that we recognize our fears for what they are – borrowed burdens.

Take a look at the folks in the video below and consider that you are in their same deserving league – a world designed to work for everyone.

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