Beautiful BoyMy sweet boy, Scout, is now an aging elder. His stair climbing abilities have diminished and he takes much longer to get on his feet. Most hours of the day he’s napping on his bed at my office or the make shift palette at home in front of the fireplace. The wonderful holistic vet, Dr. Michelle Tilghman gives him acupuncture along the meridian of his spine, bringing him relief, but his endurance and vitality are waning.

Earlier this week, in the early morning hours,  as I took my usual seat on our sun porch, my heart felt heavy and saddened from the events of Orlando and the subsequent lack of action around legislative reform.  I felt a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy that I hadn’t felt in quite awhile.

Staring off into space, I was brought back to attention by Scout’s muzzle on my knee. His favorite thing in the world, a tennis ball, rested in his mouth. He plopped it into my lap. Even with his compromised mobility, he wanted to play toss and fetch.

I cried at the perfect lesson before me. Even when our emotional mobility feels compromised – when we feel like we ‘ain’t got nothin’, the unending, solution-driven universe never ceases to place in our laps the opportunity to engage in the spiritual game of toss and fetch.

We are forever being tossed ideas, solutions, guidance, intuitive nudges, inspiration and deep soul callings, even when we feel immobilized and useless. What we choose to go out and ‘fetch’ is ours. If I choose to go after the intuitive guidance that suggests I make changes, even when they don’t make sense, then, I get the rewarding outcome of a new level of being.  I would have never known this new possible outcome if I hadn’t gotten off my butt and gone to fetch it.

Scout reminded me that the universe wants to play fetch. It will keep tossing the ball of opportunity one right after the other. My only true reason for being here is to continuously accept what It’s offering. Sorrowful or glad, angry or happy, the Universe never stops plopping into my lap an agenda free invitation to receive It’s limitless gift of peace.