Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.37.05 AMRemember this game – Pin the tail on the donkey?

This childhood birthday activity required us to be spun around, blindfolded, leaving us to dizzily make an attempt to pin a paper tail on the proper location of the donkey poster while navigating through darkness. The one who came closest to pinning it in the proper anatomical location won.

At times it seems we can’t help ourselves. We still play it.

Our physical nature continues pinning blame on something or someone on a ‘donkey’ of worldly effect. We have been blindly spun and tossed by winds of irrational opinion, raised in environments that were the regurgitations of misinformed generations and often left beaten and bruised on a road that seems void of Samaritans. We rationalize that if we can pin our discomforts, fears and outrage on the right thing, we will somehow win relief from them. We repeatedly use this approach to cope with our relationship to small (r) reality.
Remember, things are not as they seem.
We are our own Samaritan.
The human, physical mission is simple – see with your mind and not with your eyes. Learn to look beyond effect and uncover the genius, synchronistic and divinely ordered capital (R) Reality. All else is a resignation to survive rather than choosing to thrive.