Think outside the box?

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.54.04 PMYou’ve heard it countless times. But what is this box we’ve long referred to?

Metaphysically speaking, there is no box. The realm of thought energy knows nothing of boundary so it knows nothing of containment. Thought as vibrational energy is anywhere and everywhere. It is the immeasurable scope of imagination. It is
the vast undefined arena of possibility and it’s ALLNESS absorbs both you and me.

So being instructed to think outside of something that doesn’t exist may be more empowering when realizing there is no box. The box is illusion. The limitation of thought is what has been termed as maya – the dualistic veil that covers our human existence. The great prophet Paramahansa Yogananda wrote that surmounting maya, to rise above the duality experienced in creation and perceive the unity of the Creator, is conceived as the highest goal of humankind.

Let’s keep simplifying it. There is no box.

I feel this ‘boxless’ concept is readily accepted within the field of common annoyances and challenges we universally struggle with but admit are transient. Our anxious search for employment can carry with it a conceptive thought that there must be a job out there for me because I’ve had employment before. Even among the hurtful emotions surrounding unrequited affection, I can most likely consent to the existence of someone, somewhere who’ll love me for who I am without the need to change me.

Then there’s all we have inadvertently accepted as out of reach, too unrealistic or impossible for us to receive. Have you considered dismantling those boxes?

Where the veil of maya rests is within the deeply rooted beliefs of our subconscious. These limiting, multi-generational ideas are harbored there. These boxes of limiting prospects within the subjective warehouse of thought have lingered so long that we don’t even name them or see them anymore.

These subjective boxes are universal in nature. Some of the common categories I help uncover in my work with others are:

I’m invisible

People disappoint me

I’m responsible
for other’s happiness

I’m an imposter

There is not enough nor will there ever be

Life is unfair


None of us wake up with these pressing themes (boxes) continuously announcing themselves. Yet, while they work subjectively inside the realm of our thoughts and beliefs, we can cheer the “think outside the box” mantra all we want and maddeningly remain in the confines of those themes.

How do we lift the veil and take on the mantle of our soul’s work as Yogananda instructed?

Notice the similarities in the stories you tell. Notice the recurring results from your pursuits. If you always arrive at disappointment then there is a veil that covers your mind regarding the outcome of your desires and how others are to play in your life.

There is a labeled box within supporting the theme of how people are unreliable, can’t be trusted and/or you can’t seem to find or afford qualified supportive assistance.

None of these boxes are actually true. The fact that many people find reliable and supportive help in their work endeavors disqualifies this theme as factual. If disappointment is commonplace, then there is a box that awaits to be dismantled. To not take responsibility for this leaves you powerless. To own that it’s your belief alone that pushes the support away begins the restoration of your power.

Transformation coach Angie Toh teaches, “You are not limited by your race, age, religion, country of birth, family background, lack of money or education. You are only limited by your crippling fear, limiting beliefs, disempowering habits, your inner critic and your inability to take action.”

Again, there is no box to think outside of. There is no limitation. Our fortune or misfortune is brought to life by our state of awareness. We bury our freedom by not being attuned with our interior world of thought. But, anything buried can be excavated, unburied, exposed to the light.