I’m sure you are familiar with the term ‘preaching to the choir’.

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-2-37-33-pmIt roughly translates that we waste our time in trying to make believers out of believers. Derivatives of the phrase can be traced back to the late 1800’s where the phrase ‘preaching to the converted’ was written by a theologian as a chastisement to a missionary for not going where true conversion was needed.

If you are familiar with my messages, you know I like to challenge the either/or labeling we place on worldviews and public narrative.

From the choir perspective; does not the depth of our believing change as we evolve? From the preaching perspective; does not our delivery of information deepen as our roots mature in the combined soil of our divinity and humanity?

The preaching or the delivering of spiritual content is an ever-evolving process. The choir in this metaphor doesn’t perform one singular song in their repertoire but must continuously expand their offerings to include new works.

The preaching and the choir are both fluid, ever changing components that never stop morphing, self-organizing and shape shifting to be in alignment with the expansion of a changing world.

Author and educator Margaret Wheatley writes, “I’ve come to believe that preaching to the choir is exactly the right thing to do. If I can help those who already share certain beliefs and dreams sing their song a little clearer, a little more confidently, I know they will take their song back to their networks……We gain courage from learning we are a part of a choir. We sing better when we know we’re not alone.”

This is a wonderful challenge for any of us who get too comfortable in our spirituality. When we entertain that we know it all already, we immediately put the brakes on our evolution. There is always a new perspective to learn and examine as well as new perspectives in how to teach. We play both roles. By staying devoted to the wisdom of the moment our inspirations will never run dry and our life songs will be sung with diverse nuance and range.