The job of a sentinel is to stand and keep watch. Hyper vigilance and keen awareness are not only essential but are a part of the sentinel’s duty. No distractions. Stay awake. With this position there is no room for privileged thoughts of absention and circumventing. You are there to safeguard and protect.

When you professed your belief in oneness, you became a spiritual sentinel.
The oppressive bias and elitist ignorance that is the core of racism has long attacked those who have dared to declare their independence. The final hour of that abusive privilege is here and there is no longer room for such abhorrent actions.

As a spiritual sentinel you are here to guard the light. You are here to keep watch and protect kindness and offer support to those long denied it. You are to remain indefatigable in your pursuit to honor the huddled masses whose lives have been farmed as resource and to never circumvent your calling to uphold the inalienable right that all are created equal.
#staywoke #charlottesville