In ancient Greek tragedies there was a chorus of actors whose role it was to comment on the action of the play. The intent of the Greek chorus was to offer summaries of the play to the audience and help move the narrative forward. Today, it seems this Greek chorus model of commentary is having a resurgence. With 24 hour news stations, social media outlets and radio talk shows constantly commenting, the modern tragedies surrounding our nation’s governance and well being seem futile.

One has to diligently search to find credible unbiased resources today. Most of today’s ‘choruses’ are nothing more than shouting matches filled with noisy egos and revisionist commentary that propagate fear and separatism. If we’re not conscious, we can easily get sucked in and begin withering in hopelessness. We must resist the modern era chorus and trust our own inner council. We must fully commit to our spiritual practice and reseed our consciousness with goals and visions for that world we keep saying is designed to work for everyone.

Staying awake is the job of the spiritual sentinel. Doing our due diligence with regards to what we post, share and listen to is also extremely vital in order to maintain a mindful awareness that only Love is real and everything unlike Love is a cry for help.

Understand that Love is not defined as apathy. Far from it. Love is the fuel that will clear the path, enliven our activism and always, always make a way through the seeming darkness. Love is actually the real chorus within us, the rallying, indefatigable spirit that will bring lasting change. Its narration is a far more powerful story than what the world is telling. We all must listen intently. Our world depends on it.