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The Four Pillars of Thankfulness

Does my thankfulness have roots?

I do not let another year of holiday tradition come and go without sharing my gratitude with deep, action-oriented expression. I tell the people who’ve championed and supported me exactly how much their lives have contributed to my life. I don’t merely think it but dive deep into the well of my capable expression and I let them know what they mean to me.


Does my thankfulness have action?

What I actually do have was not achieved by my little ole self. What I do have contains the energy of many who have worked, contributed and shared through their creativity, their laboring and their love. I realize we are here to maneuver through one another’s lives with ceaseless acts of sharing. I let my life’s mantra be, “I have because I give.”

Does my thankfulness have trust?

My sustenance reveals itself through my inner degree of trust. Trust comes from my relationship with the unseen. Without this I live continuously in the land of “What’s going to happen
to me if.” If this is my unconscious foundation, then my hands are curled into fists and I greet my surroundings with aggression. I vow that my gratitude will not be veiled by fear. I reunite my hands and my heart with the understanding that what I need will always be given in perfect measure. This Thanksgiving I give trust a prime seat at my table and reunite with a healthy expectancy of good.

Does my thankfulness have full integration?

I aim to open the floodgates of my gratitude for everything and not simply reserve it for what has been convenient. My thankfulness is comprehensive and stretches towards the entirety of my existence – the good and seeming bad, the gain and loss, the victories and defeats. All experience has brought me to and through another year. This holiday I sit in silent review and let my thankfulness spill overthe entirety of my journey.