So THIS is why I can never keep my New Year’s resolution?

You begin every new year with the desire for a clean slate, a new beginning, a time that you can set our goals and intentions and FINALLY make the changes you want to see in your life. 

You truly want to usher in some new habits and kick those nagging bad habits to the curb. But by February, many of your resolutions are already abandoned or forgotten. 

So why do we struggle so much to follow through with the resolutions we set for ourselves?

There is one singular thing that everyone on the planet is governed by. It isn’t any type of human organization, personality or external thing. It is our individual relationship with our subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the inner world of every thinking individual and it has only one operation – to agree, formulate and produce whatever you habitually choose. If you mentally repeat the thought and cultivate a belief that you are unworthy, the subconscious mind accepts that thought without debate and produces the outward effects in the world that support your choosing. If you habitually choose that the solutions and support that you need are will always show up in perfect timing, then your subconscious readily supports that outer matching circumstances.

Yeah, it’s vital you learn that your thoughts are powerful if you truly want your life to improve.

I believe there are four essential steps to deliberately creating your heart’s desire.

  • Inception – the beginning thought or desire
  • Conception – the actions we take to support the thought or desire
  • Gestation – the necessary process to bring our desire to full form
  • Realization – the full experience of the desire.

I am writing to you today because I want to encourage you to make a fresh list of thoughts and desires. What are new entry level inception points of thought that you can begin to list that generate enthusiasm and genuine joy when you consider their possibility?

  • I want to travel to Barcelona to see the La Sagrada Familia.
  •    I want to get a new automobile.
  •    I want to begin Spanish lessons.

With the above examples, begin to add specifics. What time of year do you want to travel? What make and model of the car do you want? Do you want classroom instruction on those Spanish lessons or are there online alternatives?

With the conception step, what beginning actions can you take? How much is airfare from your town to Barcelona? What are some places you might be able to stay that fit your budget? Is there someone you may want to travel with and share some of the costs? Are you willing to block that time on your calendar and not schedule anything else during that proposed travel time?

Can you go and test drive cars, sit with the finance department and ask begin the conversation on monthly payments. Can you begin prioritizing your budget expenses to accommodate a new payment?

Can you begin watching Spanish videos and tutorials and committing a certain number of hours each week to language study?

You see how this works.

A new desire can only morph into form with these preliminary steps. Watch your thoughts around these first two steps and note your mental language. If you notice any agitation or futility around the process, then you are most likely thinking such things as, “What’s the use?” “I’ve done this before and failed. What will be different now?”

Those thoughts are traveling to your subconscious and if there is not a new dedicated thought to replace them, then yes, you will have started something that you will not finish.

Begin with the first steps of Inception and Conception.

I’ll be reaching back out in the next couple of days to explore the disciplines necessary to allow the Gestation phase to do its work.