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David Ault is an internationally known author and celebrated metaphysical teacher and speaker. He is an ordained minister through Centers for Spiritual Living and currently serves as the Senior Minister of Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. His weekly messages are heard and viewed by thousands across the world. Since his spiritual reawakening in the mid 1980s, Ault has traveled the globe offering his gifts as a singer/songwriter, speaker, and facilitator. He has established a thriving non-government regulated school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which provides free education, medical/hygiene assistance, and agricultural and life skills training to hundreds of Cambodian children annually. He also offers humanitarian service trips there regularly. His stateside non-profit, Khmer Child Foundation, serves this initiative. David lives with his husband Ty Andrews in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • Gratitude
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  • New Thought
  • Motivation
  • Self-Discovery
  • Marriage Equality
  • Global Education
  • Entrepreneurship

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David Ault’s talks ignite unseen inspiration while motivating and providing the necessary mental tools of thought to remove blockages.


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Frequently Requested Programs

Your Solution Already Exists

David’s understanding and conveyance of universal laws is offered with fresh and compelling evidence that what we desire is already in existence. Having devoted his life to proving the principle, his stories, adventures and insights will have you reconnecting with your own inner champion. David teaches that our job is not creating something from nothing but becoming aware of the barriers within our minds of their plausibility. This presentation reviews the value of process, how to cultivate and nurture mindfulness plus identifying themes that are sabotaging our individual and collective expansion. (This presentation can be geared for both spiritual and corporate groups) You will learn – the understanding of Consciousness (individually and universally) – the Creative Process – identifying your “Great Lie” – revisioning what was and envisioning what is to be.

Your Technique Is Your Testimony

Taking seriously the mantra that people would rather see a sermon than hear one, David devotes his life to being a walking, breathing example of manifestation. From his decades-long work in providing free education and higher quality of life experiences for hundreds of children in Cambodia, to mentoring and teaching countless others through his podcasts on metaphysics and transformational living, David’s life’s work has become his tangible testimonial on how anything is possible. Through the use of his 3-D Technique, David will outline and guide you from your present level of awareness to new levels of heightened manifestation. The 3-D’s; Desire, Devotion and Dialogue, provide a solid structure for accessing our latent gifts and guiding us to greater degrees of aliveness. You will learn – the power of your imagination – that how you do anything has an influence on how you do everything – the uncovering of subconscious themes and limiting perceptions – practicing the 3 – D Technique.

The Grass Is Greener Right Here

This singular or series of workshops focus on the potency of perception and the responsibility of uncovering our gratitude. This deep work consists of dismantling our story, our perceptions and domesticated belief systems as well as naming and shedding our pain, and becoming accountable of the infinite good that ceaselessly exists. Through active dialogue, imagery meditation, experiential exercises and more, we get at the core of current resistance, explore conscious and unconscious options, and develop a gratitude practice for a sustaining and mindful way of life You will learn – basic gratitude journaling – how to talk about what is working rather than what isn’t – how to explore options you never imagined – the power of ‘AND’ – how to free yourself from the wasteful practice of comparison.

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