Personal Responsibility


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I feel disillusioned. Admittedly, it is astonishing to look at the number of areas in my life where this feeling is currently front and center. At the top of my list is the unconscionable actions of politicians who choose profit over people. Yet, if I do even a minor amount of research, history reveals the cyclical nature of this behavior. There have been many a bad king, a ruthless tyrant, autocrat and greedy oppressor that have managed to climb into positions of power. And, to watch this behavior played out in these times without consequence, boggles my mind and saddens…

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Shame Blankets

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My oldest brother Doug was a professional baseball player who made millions and then lost everything from drug abuse. The abuse became so bad that he ended his own life days before Christmas in 2004. There was a ten-year difference in our ages and my memories of him as a young boy were not of admiration but fear from his frequent volatile outbursts. Prior to his death, he had scammed many family members with money and I watched how his behavior negatively affected those around him. Imagine my surprise when fans from all over the country wrote condolences about the kindness…

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