The Good In Good-Bye

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Self Doubt—I tell you good-bye. I know that your presence within me has caused my intuition to have to sleep on the couch. Doesn’t work anymore. Intuition is moving into the suite in which you somehow were mistakenly assigned. I need you to pack your things now and leave. Be sure and take every shred of second guessing with you cause we won’t be using it. Lack—I know you’ve held one of the prime rooms with a view in my world but we are now in the process of extensively remodeling and your beliefs no longer fit into the new…

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Every Day

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You are not the same person you were 365 days ago. There is cell, blood and tissue regeneration. People have come and gone. Countless miles traveled. Physical adventure and immeasurable displays of emotion. Old beliefs discarded and new ones nurtured. Change. Some of it conscious, most of it, not so much. Every one of those “365 day – 24 hour” time-capsules carried equal importance. Day 148? Just as significant as day 241 or 300. So that third Thursday last Spring (the one you can’t remember) was just as beneficial as say New Year’s Day or the anniversary of your sobriety…

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