Science of Mind Magazine Feature with Husband Ty Andrews

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Ty and I were featured in the June 2015 issue of Science of Mind Magazine.  Along with seven other couples and indiviuals within the New Thought community, Ty and I shared our experiences in spirituality, love and acceptance.  Many thanks to Science of Mind Magazine and Patrick Soran for this beautiful article. [pdf-embedder url=””]

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The afternoon breeze hits me in the face as I sit eye level with the half dozen coconuts that hang on the swaying tree. From the second floor of our latest educational building here in Siem Reap Cambodia, I have the perfect spot to take in the full spectrum of the school – a fully realized dream come true. The afternoon bell rings and the children have charged out of the various classrooms preparing for their return home.  There are squeals of adventurous laughter, the gathering of shoes and a final line up where announcements are given before they walk…

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Remembering and Forgetting

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And still, at times, we forget. In that forgetfulness, we engage absentmindedly in life by attempting to force the outcome. We are attached to the when, what, where and how – unknowingly fearful that something we long for may not happen. Without realizing what we are doing, we reunite our minds to stale themes of  “life as unfair or portion controlled” with regards to opportunity or success. And still, at times, we remember. In that remembrance, we begin in Mind and see the mental picture of the desire as an already accomplished fact. We design its perfect mental prototype and…

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Creation Is Never Static

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Creation is never static. Progress grows out of motion and you, as a vessel of creation, are designed for progress. This leads to an understanding that experience is never really duplicated because no subsequent experience can be an exact replica of the one(s) before it. Nothing is completely either/or.  Life is fluid.  You are both introverted and extroverted. You are both masculine and feminine. You are binary, possessing yin and yang. Far too often we fight this fluid, expansive nature within us by caging our creativity in stale patterning. Yes, I can honor the legacies of those before me but I do not want…

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Shaken To The Core

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Shaken to the core delivers air to the inception of your belief and allows it the chance to breathe and redefine itself. Everyone’s core needs shaking, their cages rattled, their complacency injected with stimulants- equal parts breath and suffocation, to bring them to the precipice of decision. Either I choose life or I settle for its lesser model. Life is the undefinable allness that permeates every living thing. I am life, not a reasonable facsimile.

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The Cardinal

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There is a cardinal that often visits our backyard. These visits are nothing out of the ordinary. Plenty of birds visit the dense tree population of our neighborhood. Yet, the male cardinal, with its striking red coloring stands out in the summer landscape of deep greens and browns and the stark winter pallet of gray. Of all there is to see, my eye is immediately directed to him wherever he is perched. There is no denying his presence. I continue to affirm that my inner vision sees spiritual truth in the same way. This truth teaches and reminds us that all is well, all the…

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Life Is Always Fair

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People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson Our relationship with our world is the overriding template for our relationship with everything. A bold statement, yes, but when you earnestly combine the infallible workings of spiritual law to the way each of us operates in life, then you can see the truth in Emerson’s words. The most powerful thing any of us can ever remember and then apply is the fact that it is never about anything or anyone ‘out there.’ Our experience, attitude and circumstance is not created from what anyone did…

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Walk Into The Cave Unreluctant

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You must walk into the cave unreluctant As you enter, your eyes momentarily entertain the vapid darkness, yet it is your heart that will see.  It is your heart that will beat with signals of illumination, shedding light for your yet-to-be steps. You must walk into the cave unreluctant At first you doubt your ability to navigate the jagged twists and unknown turns that await.  Still, by the simple act of entering, your instincts reawaken and you are welcomed home to the ancient wisdom nestled patiently within your own mind. You must walk into the cave unreluctant And for those…

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Breathe In

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Breathe in the particles of power that swarm and move in and around you. Everything your heart desires can be breathed in through an acceptance of one who has no problem receiving. What you crave is as readily available as air. Would you deny air? Why, then, deny the treasures that already have your name chiseled upon them? Breath in the relief that comes through revisiting the porch of plenty. Breath in your wholeness – the complete synchronicity that links one internal system to another. Breathe in your yearning’s long awaited relief, your creativity’s acceptance and honoring. Breathe in your eternal…

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Only One

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There can only be one. There is never two. What you do to another, say of another or think of another, you do and say of yourself. No amount of justification will ever change this. No amount of structures built, rhetoric spoken, or battles waged will ever eliminate the connection of one to another. There is no such thing as ‘us’ and ‘them’ – there are simply those who have re-awakened, those who are stirring from sleep and those still under the anesthesia of illusion.

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Feeding Time

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Everyday the Divine dips Its spoon into a big bowl of perfect and declares it’s feeding time. So the question becomes, is our mouth open or closed? Are our hearts focused on receiving or resisting? In a moment of my own fear and resistance this week, my practitioner led me to this paragraph written by Thomas Troward If the end is already secured, then it follows that all the steps leading to it are secured also.  The means will pass into the smaller circle of our conscious activities day by day in due order, and then we have to work upon them, not with fear, doubt or…

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