The name Run To The Roar comes from a classic story that illustrates moving through fear and resistance.

It is explained beautifully by columnist Michael Meade: runtotheroar_logo2

“This old teaching story comes from the great African savannahs where life pours forth in the form of teeming, feeding herds. As the herds eat their way across the plains, lions wait in the tall grass nearby, anticipating the chance to prey upon the grazing animals.

In preparation, they send the oldest and weakest members of the pride away from the rest of the hunting pack. Having lost much of their strength and most of their teeth, the roar of the old ones is far greater than their ability to bite.

The old lions go off and settle in the grass directly across from where the strong and hungry lions wait and watch. As the herd enters the area between the hunting pack and the old lions, the old ones roar mightily. At the sound of the roaring, most of the herd panics. Blinded by fear, they turn and flee from the seeming source of danger. As they rush wildly in the opposite direction, they run right to where the strongest lionswait in the tall grass for dinner to arrive.”

Run towards the roar,” the old people used to tell the young ones. When faced with great danger in this world, run towards the roaring, go where you fear to go, for only there will you find some safety and a way through danger. Trouble that is faced when it first appears can be the roar that awakens a person’s deepest resources. In times of trouble or tragedy, a person either steps into life more fully or else slips into a diminished life characterized by fear and anxiety.”

Whenever I share this story to inspire others in not fearing the mystery or the seeming obstacles that stand between where they are and where they wish to be, the response is always magnetic. It seemed the perfect name for the beginnings of my own publishing adventure and the greater vision I am intending for myself.

The first title released under the Run To The Roar moniker was the November 2014 release of The Grass Is Greener Right Here.

With an auspicious start, the book has garnered these publishing honors:GrassIsGreenerCover

  • Winner of the 2015 Silver Medal for Best Inspirational/Spiritual book by the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards).
  • Winner of the 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Self-Help book by NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs).
  • Winner of the 2015 USA Best Book Award for Self-Help Motivational.
  • Runner Up Best Spiritual Book 2016 Paris Book Festival.

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