personal responsibility

Shame Blankets

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My oldest brother Doug was a professional baseball player who made millions and then lost everything from drug abuse. The abuse became so bad that he ended his own life days before Christmas in 2004. There was a ten-year difference in our ages and my memories of him as a young boy were not of admiration but fear from his frequent volatile outbursts. Prior to his death, he had scammed many family members with money and I watched how his behavior negatively affected those around him. Imagine my surprise when fans from all over the country wrote condolences about the kindness…

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No One Is Betraying You

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No one is betraying you. Each person you encounter is honoring your practiced vibrational atmosphere. Before anything surfaces in our experience, the theme of that experience first appeared within our thoughts. And, it wasn’t just a one time mental drive by.  The corresponding thought was something that drove round and round in our mind and eventually parked in the lot of our belief system. We champion this idea when we hear how Olympic athletes habitually thought of a winning performance so loyally that when the winning moment arrived they remarked it was like any other day. They had been succeeding at their desired goal within…

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Carpe Articulum – Seize The Moment

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  The Latin phrase Carpe Diem (seize the day) was first attributed to a poem written by the famed Roman poet Horace during the reign of Augustus.  It gained fresh awareness for many of us by the actor Robin Williams in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society. Williams, an English professor, challenges his class of boys to be cognizant of the opportunities that are contained within every moment, “to gather ye rosebuds while you may.” Herding the boys  around a trophy case filled with pictures of young athletes of yesteryear, he quips, “These boys are now fertilizing daffodils.”  This leads…

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