The 12 Gifts of the Camino

September 14, 21, 28

Join David in this 3 week LIVE virtual intensive where he walks you through 12 empowering gifts inspired by his summer journey on the Camino de Santiago. These instructions can immediately be incorporated into a revitalized spiritual practice. Some of the 12 are :

  1. Hold the Vision/Trust the Process
  2. Ask Without Attachment
  3. Let Some Dreams Die
  4. Everything is Relational

You’ll receive David’s free E-book of the same title: The 12 Gifts of the Camino as a workable syllabus.  We’ll uncover which of these 12 may be the most potent messenger for you on your current journey.  Each gift has a potent ability to deflate our known and unknown mental resistances, opening us to a greater acceptance and allowing of our inherent good.