Today’s Chorus

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In ancient Greek tragedies there was a chorus of actors whose role it was to comment on the action of the play. The intent of the Greek chorus was to offer summaries of the play to the audience and help move the narrative forward. Today, it seems this Greek chorus model of commentary is having a resurgence. With 24 hour news stations, social media outlets and radio talk shows constantly commenting, the modern tragedies surrounding our nation’s governance and well being seem futile. One has to diligently search to find credible unbiased resources today. Most of today’s ‘choruses’ are nothing more…

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Universal Tough Love

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The influential mythologist Joseph Campbell once offered this, “The Universe always strikes you at your weakest point because that’s what most needs strengthening.” Although the word ‘strike’ is an interesting choice, Campbell is relaying that the Universe perpetually offers us the chance to evolve. One might even say, It insists on it. Generally our fears are exaggerations of limitation in a landscape of infinite potentiality. Through fear we see the world as an unfair punch to the gut, a strike, yet the Universe will not stop showcasing one wondrous manifestation after another through cooperative lives. Its our choice to either abolish the…

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The Season of Reflection

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Something undeniable happens at this time of the year.  We stop, however brief, and reflect on light, holiness, good-will and the universal aspirations of mankind to reach outside usual thought patterns and accept something more expansive and hopeful for our lives and the lives of others. If we cooperate in this sacred recognition, we return to the Kingdom.  It is the Kingdom of Light. It is a Kingdom, not made of hands, but with heart and spirit and love. I offer you an affirming prayer that you may choose to enter into this Kingdom and discover for yourself a relief…

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Trayvon Martin

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This is the EXACT moment to go within and ask yourself what you truly believe.    More times than not our physical description of justice does not come from the votes of a mortal jury, however, justice/order is always activated spiritually.  It would be of tremendous value for all of us to dedicate ourselves to understanding how the Universe is inherently a just, loving all-encompassing energy of life. So yes, be angry but be consciously angry. Take that energy and begin using it to educate.  Vow to heal racial barriers, particularly in your own heart and start promoting inclusion rather…

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