“Don’t let a momentary cloud be your permanent sky.”

– David Ault


Meet David Ault

David Ault is a visionary leader in the human potential movement, who has been promoting mindfulness, global literacy, and social justice for over 30 years. He has traveled the world as a teacher and heart-centered guide, with the sole purpose of bridging our collective forgetfulness into our great collective reawakening. As an award-winning author, leadership and personal coach, and global education advocate, he exemplifies his motto that people would rather ‘see a lesson than hear one.’

He is the founder of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation, a non-profit organization that empowers vulnerable children and communities worldwide with sustainable education, life skills, and fresh water. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Kaleidoscope has established schools in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Bodhgaya, and Lakhanpur, India, and collaborated with literacy and hygiene programs in Guatemala, Africa and the United States, serving more than 1,000 children annually.

David is also an avid adventurer. He has hiked the Inca Trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, trekked across the entire country of Spain on the ancient pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago, and summited Kilimanjaro in Africa.

David regularly leads groups on sacred site journeys, service trips, and constantly marvels at the wisdom gained through cultural immersion.

As a respected teacher, writer, and columnist, David is the author of the bestseller, Where Regret Cannot Find Me, and the multi-award-winning, The Grass Is Greener Right Here.

David currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

“In my world of effect, there will always be someone smarter, prettier/handsomer, richer, braver, and more talented than me. And eventually I learn that the gift of life isn’t about any of that; it’s about ceaselessly taking inventory of all the gifts I do possess and never abusing them through the waste of comparison.”