What is Truth?

I question my self-subscribed theology often. I feel that’s healthy. I continue to take into account the evolution of consciousness through us as a species and see how language, nuance, bias, and my leanings towards Process Theology still have incalculable layers. I will never comprehend all wisdom lessons in a one-dimensional body. I want to be forever teachable, and the best I can do is surrender my being, my ego to something I equate as Divine energy. I have experienced a trance state of bliss through the teachings of Hinduism, had my worldview altered through Shamanism and built a career on the study of Rosicrucian/New Thought principles. And with all the above, I still remain loyal to a power filled Truth (I’ll call it that) that once remembered and practiced, course corrects me from fear and anxiety to deep rooted exhales of assurance.

All of us are continuously called to remember this Truth through intuition, through clarity found in treasured pockets of quiet. Its potency is unaffected by levels of human chaos or visceral inhumanity towards one another. And, it is not at the mercy of any (dis)ease, multi-generational oppression, genetic abnormality, famine or global catastrophe. This Truth with a capital T is boundless. It is ageless, birthless, deathless, limitless in scope. It is not small t truths masquerading as facts – the human invented one-dimensional variety that change with the tide of fickle trends or the kind whose validity rests on the whim of condition and limited perception. You know those ‘truths’, right? They’ve already caused you worry and stress and somehow taunt you with admonishments to manage the unmanageable. “If you can’t get it together then you are a miserable failure.” It’s human ideation, devolving us with labels of ‘us and them’ – separatism fostering scarcity and greed.

Capital T Truth is stated this way by spiritual writer and teacher Neville Goddard, “The world of creation is finished and its original is within us. We saw it before we set forth, and have since been trying to remember it and to activate sections of it. There are infinite views of it. Our task is to get the right view and by determined direction of our attention make it pass in procession before the inner eye. If we assemble the right sequence and experience it in imagination until it has the tone of reality, then we consciously create circumstances.”

Over years of contemplation and attempted practice of this (T)ruth, I’ve experienced rejuvenation when remembering that I create nothing but a tangible representation of an already existing intangible substance of potential. Everything has already been created in the macrocosm. What we long and pray for, even seek, already exists in the intangible. Countless mystics taught that our soul’s assignment is not fearfully ‘grabbing to get’ (with all thy getting, get understanding) but removing the barriers of collected resistance and personalized self-loathing. This Maya, as the Hindu’s describe, is illusion veiling our true essence and smothering our worthiness. Maya influences decisions that block our welcoming the intangible from becoming tangible through us. (This ain’t word salad if you read it slowly.)

And still, I forget.

And with my forgetfulness comes the familiar pain of hopelessness and fearful reactive hustling.

And then I will remember.

And with each reawakening – with each reminder how all of humanity is God/Infinite Intelligence made visible for the purpose of displaying Its Intelligence through us, I relax. And relaxing allows my trust muscles to open and receive what I need exactly as I need it.

I remember I am already equipped with the answer. I am already a vehicle for Creation to have It’s brilliant way through me. Since (T)ruth is boundless then my expressions of It parallel my belief in myself. Am I a qualified representative of worth and value? The degree I unshakably know I am is the depth and breath that worth and value reveal itself.

I continually revisit this (T)ruth. I ask myself is this some sort of framework of privilege? Are these the testaments of old white men of the early 20th century, shenanigans of a prosperity gospel, the manipulative peddling of hope to the vulnerable? Or, is it a Universal Law that is no respecter of person?

Here’s what I ultimately offer, “I don’t know.” But I can offer a lifetime of experience and application that shouts its merit.

I guess that’s why I’m writing this. When I remember and apply this, I feel better. Life becomes less burdensome. My soul feels rejuvenated.

I want that for you. I want that for all of us. This human dance is hard. Pain and suffering feel impenetrable at times but we need not give up and we need not shy away from devoting ourselves to advocacy. Just give your advocacy roots. Give it deep roots of knowing that the moral arch of the Universe does bend, lean and ultimately touch all who need it. Then let us all go march and serve from this foundation.

The only way to do this without surrendering to hopelessness is surrendering to a greater reality than what we see with our human eyes. Then, daily work with life through assuming the position of one who is resilient and loving.