“Everything that you have holds everything that you are.”

– David Ault

Day of Divinity

Saturday – February 19, 2022
Join with friends known and new as we immerse ourselves in a day designated for a body, mind and spirit reset.
We will engage in powerful nature ritual, spiritual practice, meditation and creative freedom – all designed to remind you of your inherent worth and magnificence.
20 people maximum

Event Details

Schedule of Events

10 AM – 4 PM

Intention/Welcoming Circle

Spiritual Darshan

Nature Meditation and Release Ritual

Light Lunch Served

Creative Freedom Exercises

Q and A


*Alterations to the schedule may happen based on weather conditions.

This will be at a private spacious home with indoor/outdoor access located in Atlanta, GA.

Vaccinated participants are welcomed at this time.

Tuition $89 (includes all materials)

If you are not local to Atlanta and wish to attend, please email David [email protected] for close/affordable hotel information.

Location and additional details given at the time of registration.

Course Registrant

“In my world of effect, there will always be someone smarter, prettier/handsomer, richer, braver, and more talented than me. And eventually I learn that the gift of life isn’t about any of that; it’s about ceaselessly taking inventory of all the gifts I do possess and never abusing them through the waste of comparison.”