Ducks In a Row

The secret to having it all is knowing you already do. – Unknown

If the gift of Life is already made, then our part must be to accept, receive, believe in and use it. – Ernest Holmes, “This Thing Called Life”

The four basic quadrants of human existence are considered to be, health, wealth, creative expression and relationships. Imagine these quadrants as ducks floating on the surface of the universal lake called life. What happens internally when you hear you can have all your ducks in a row?

Too often we justify and debate this as wishful thinking. We succumb to a worldly belief that in order to have success in one of these quadrants another area must suffer. In order for me to have a meaningful relationship, I must sacrifice my creative expression. It might drain me financially or take too many hours away from the office to live and act respectively regarding my health.

These ideas are human beliefs not spiritual truth. If my daily thoughts continually support any of these ‘can’t have it all’ sensibilities then they remain my human reality.

Notice how often you say, “I can’t.” Change this to, “I choose not to.” It now becomes. “I choose not to have a relationship because of my career,” instead of “I can’t have a relationship because of my career.” Another becomes, “I choose not to take care of my health because it costs too much, “ rather than “I can’t take care of my health because it costs too much.”

What a dramatic reframe. This small shift in language moves us from being a victim whose ducks can never ride simultaneously atop the current of life to being powerfully capable of allowing all our ducks to holistically journey together.