In the Bag

Long ago the first lapidaries or gemcutters used primitive methods to polish the exterior of rough rock material. They would fill rough textured bags with raw unrefined pieces.

Shaking it vigorously, twisting and kneading this bag between the palms of their
hands, they would create a sort or organic, primitive friction inside. This contact would help shed surface pieces and reveal the crystal within. After much repetition, what was produced was a polished gem.

Much like this process, when we are willing to be with the “unrefined” parts of us, when we can be with our limitations and coarse behavior and take time to earnestly examine them, then those behaviors are able to be smoothed.

Throughout our lives we repeatedly come face to face with unrefined ideologies of separation and limiting beliefs. If we do not self examine or participate in a process of shedding them, we give these ideologies power – a power generated solely from a refusal to face them. We can become irritated, even hostile at the suggestion to do such personal work. But as the ancient poet Rumi described, “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

Every precious gem required vulnerability. It surrendered itself to the process of a divine uncovering. Being vulnerable begins with the realization that we are always in life’s bag of refinement and we may use this container to serve us rather than polarize and distance us from life. To be in conscious presence of our fears and decidedly face them helps sand off their falsities. This bold act lets our inherent value shine through.

We then become one who is dedicated to traveling the limitless path of creation. The more we repetitively polish our hearts and minds, the wider and deeper our journey of uncovery becomes. We’re no longer attempting to escape or even manage life’s lessons but are allowing our time ‘in the bag’ to be conscious and fulfilling.