“We are not here to be the curator for what was
but the architect for what is to be.”

– David Ault



One that most are familiar with is my global education efforts known as Kaleidoscope Child Foundation. Starting more than twenty years ago, we have grown into a work that provides sustainable, quality education for more than 1000 children annually in vulnerable territories of Cambodia, India and Guatemala as well as providing grant support for educational services in Africa and the United States. The work has expanded to include additional emphasis on hygiene, sanitation, fresh water access and life skills training.

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With a master’s degree in consciousness studies and having served as an ordained minister under the global organization Centers for Spiritual Living,  I stepped away from leadership roles in 2019 after serving congregations in the Los Angeles, CA area, Mobile, AL, and Atlanta, GA for a combined twenty years. I then co-founded a non-profit organization called Nandi Dass with my partner, Jai Ram Lentine. Nandi Dass is a global community providing expanded forums built upon my life’s work as a metaphysically based spiritual teacher. Today, this work expands through personal coaching, speaking engagements, virtual and live classes, retreat facilitation, and publications. As a verified 501c3, patrons are eligible to receive tax deductions for their contributions.

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